Bonfire Night is one of the biggest UK celebrations on the calendar and the signature element of the 5th of November is the fireworks. For the most effective Bonfire Night display you need memorable fireworks. Whizz, pops, bangs, necessary! We’ve put together a list of our top 5 fireworks for any bonfire night display. 


The Ritzy Glitzy is a must have for Bonfire displays. Perfect for any garden, it’s as ritzy as it is glitzy. This barrages multi coloured bursts to brocade crown creates magnificence in the sky. A small but mighty cake, that really packs a punch. This 16 shot cake sounds pricy but from us, you can buy it for just, £12.99! 


This beast of a cake is 110 shots of awesomeness! The monstrous size of this barrage makes it perfect for Bonfire Night. As fast as it is furious, this quick firing barrage is a hell of a way to get your pulse racing. The multi effects of this cake, make it almost like a display in a box. Due to the power of this barrage, you’re gonna need 25m of garden to let this off! Check out our barrages here, for more mind blowing cakes!


This instant cake is one of the best finale cakes money can buy! With a fantastic chrysanthemum assault of the senses, this dump cake is a fantastic mind blowing addition to a Bonfire Night show. You may be thinking, this sounds pricy but it only costs £24.99 from us! A magnificent fan favourite all our firers love, love, love! Be warned though, the size of this cake, you will need a big garden! However, for those of you with smaller gardens, we recommend the 100 shot Mish Mash Mini, for a fabulous, finale!


This rocket pack is literally the king of the sky. One of the biggest rockets available in the UK, it will surely wow your audience! They also have a beautiful silver strobe and golden willow effect, a gorgeous addition to any bonfire display. Those of you with smaller gardens, or looking for something not as big, should get the Sky Hunter’s! 


When we think Bonfire Night fireworks, we think Catherine Wheel! To us the perfect Catherine wheel is as large as it is beautiful and that’s why we recommend Spin On This! This multi effect wheel has bonfire night to a T and is only £14.99! A great price for such a beauty! For those of you who want a smaller, cheaper Catherine wheel we recommend our Super Spinner, which from us is just £4.99!

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