Cakes, sometimes called barrages or shot tube batteries, are made up of multiple fireworks fused together designed to create wonderful multi-shot barrages that fire one after another.

Available in a multitude of sizes, from smaller 16 shot cakes to huge 438 firework barrages, we can cater to every occasion. From smaller firework displays at home to larger events, our firework cakes can help create the perfect night no matter the size of the display.

Prices range from smaller £5 cakes to £550 barrage bundles so we are confident that you will find something to suit your budget. We also stock a range of barrage durations, different calibres, a mix of firing patterns and a choice of noise level to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for in firework cakes.

We stock leading brands such as Celtic, Jonathans and Hallmark Fireworks. All of our cakes are of the highest quality and perfect for creating a special night any time of the year.

Shop our amazing range of cakes and barrages below. Free delivery for orders over £300 for selected postcodes.

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