Low noise fireworks (also known as quiet fireworks or “silent” fireworks) are the perfect alternative for anyone who wants the magic of fireworks without the loudness of traditional rockets.

Keeping the amazing colours and dazzling effects of a traditional display, low noise fireworks remove the majority of noise that can cause stress to animals and anyone with sensitive hearing. While “silent” fireworks are a myth (all fireworks will make some noise), our quiet fireworks are free of any loud bangs. Despite this, they are still filled to the brim with all the amazing effects you know and love from regular fireworks.

Our low noise fireworks include barrages, roman candles, catherine wheels and fireworks bundles. We stock a variety of different brands, price points, calibres, firing patterns, shot numbers and durations, so there is something for every occasion.

Ideal fireworks for venues where loud noises are restricted or not permitted, or for built up areas where you may want to avoid noise pollution.

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