Get the best value for money with our specially curated fireworks selection boxes and bundles.

Perfect for a range of budgets, we offer boxes that create amazing fireworks displays at home, or at organised events such as weddings and birthday parties. With a range of prices, from £96 to £438, we guarantee you’ll find something to suit your budget.

We also offer a choice of calibre, recommended safety distance, firing pattern and noise level.

Our boxes and bundles contain a variety of different fireworks that will fill the sky with a burst of colours and sounds. Including rockets, cakes & barrages, fountains, Catherine wheels, roman candles and more, our selection boxes are filled to the brim with amazing fireworks.

We only use the best firework brands in our bundles and carefully select the fireworks to create the best displays possible. Our leading brands include Celtic Fireworks, Hallmark Fireworks and Jonathans Fireworks.

Get big savings on our firework selections boxes now. Free Delivery on orders over £300 to selected postcodes – see delivery page for more info.

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