Firework display packs are bundles of fireworks, ideal for creating beautifully choreographed firework displays.

From fireworks displays at home for your family and friends to larger organised displays such as weddings, birthdays or bonfire night parties, our fireworks display packs are perfect for a range of events and budgets. With packs priced from £75 to £550, we are confident you will find the perfect selection of fireworks for your event.

From the smaller low-noise bundle, The Whisper, to the huge barrage only bundle, King of The World, we stock displays that work in smaller gardens or are big enough to wow large audiences at bigger events

We only use the highest quality fireworks brands in our packs so we can guarantee that every guest in attendance will be blown away by an array of colours and sounds. Our stock includes brands such as Celtic Fireworks, Hallmark Fireworks and Jonathans Fireworks.

Our display packs include everything from fountains, roman candles, barrages, low noise fireworks and more. We have carefully selected each firework in every selection box and pack to make sure they are fit perfectly together to create the ultimate display.

If you want a comprehensive selection of fireworks that will amaze and dazzle for the best prices possible, then look no further than Electrify Fireworks!

Free shipping on orders over £300 to selected postcodes.

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