Looking to make a big impression with your firework display? Browse our selection of the loudest fireworks we stock and make sure your night goes off with a bang!

Our selection of loud fireworks is the among the best you will find for sale online in the UK, with only the best firework brands available. If you want a memorable display with effects that have big bangs that will wow your audience, this is definitely the best place to look.

From the Dark Demolisher Instant Firework Cake to The Dynamite Bundle, all of the fireworks in this category are the loudest of the loud and are ideal for big displays and events. Each firework pack and bundle comes with a noise level rating so you can make sure you know exactly the loudness you’ll be getting.

With a choice of duration, calibre, safety distance, firing pattern and number of shots, you can tailor your loud firework selection to your specific needs and make sure you get the exact display you wan/t

Browse our full range of amazing loud fireworks online now. Free shipping on orders over £200 to selected postcodes.

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