FAQ’s – Fireworks

At Electrify, all of our fireworks are CE certified and at F3 or less, are the legal requirement for England.

Ensure you check with any other retailer that their fireworks are certified in the same way.

Yes, absolutely, we have a range of fireworks at 96dB or less.

Perfect for a nervous audience, small children or where there are lots of animals. Take a look at our ‘quite firework’ bundles for great value!

You need to be 18 to buy fireworks, including sparklers.

Bangers, jumping jacks, Chinese firecrackers and aerial shells are all illegal for sale to the general public in the UK.

Yes, you can. However, the company you are buying them from must have a year round licence to sell them to you.

Fireworks can be set off seven days a week between the hours of 7am and 11pm. These times are extended on the following dates:

  • November 5th – Midnight
  • Diwali, Chinese New Year & New Years Eve – 1am

You will need to have the landowners permission to set off fireworks – if it is your property, then you can set off your display within your own boundary. It is against the law to set off or throw fireworks in a public place (including sparklers) e.g. a street or park.

Always ensure that you have bought the right fireworks for the size of your garden.

You do not need to notify anyone of a display in your own garden, but we would advise that you let your neighbours know, especially if they are elderly, have pets or small children.

The higher the category, the greater the amount of space that will be needed.

F1 fireworks are suitable for indoors, F2 for smaller gardens with a minimum safety distance of 8m and F3 are suitable for larger spaces with a minimum distance of 25m or more.

All fireworks should be stored in their original packaging in a dry, damp free environment – a garage is ideal.

On the night you will need:

  • A torch so you can see what you are doing.
  • A bucket or two of water
  • Portfires or a taper to safely light your fireworks
  • Eye protection and a pair of gloves
  • A bucket of soft earth or sand to put your fireworks in OR
  • Wooden stakes to secure your fireworks to
  • Suitable supports and launch tubes for your Catherine wheels and rockets

We always prefer the stake and tape method. Knock a wooden stake into the ground and then securely tape your firework to it with ‘gaffa’ tape ensuring the stake is in-between the firework and the audience. If you need to protect your firework with a bin-bag, do this first and then tape to the stake.

Alternatively, bury your firework two-thirds in soft soil or sand. Make sure that your fireworks is in a protective bin bag as the soil / sand may be wet.

We always recommend using a portfire or a taper. Portfires can be bought from our online store with your order.

If you are setting all your fireworks out prior to lighting your display, we suggest putting each fireworks in a polythene bag – a thin bin bag is perfect. Ensure that you know where the fuse is located on each one and when you are ready you can split the bag near the fuse and light your fireworks.

If however, you are bringing your fireworks out one by one, ensure they are in their original box and somewhere dry.

High wind can be a concern if it is blowing towards the spectators as the debris may fall on your audience. Always try to locate your audience ‘upwind’ of your display so that any debris is carried away from the audience.

Please note: rockets fly into the wind, so care needs to be taken when firing these in your display.

Never go back to a lit firework. Leave it for 24 hours after your display, then take some photos to send to us.

Soak the firework in water for at least 24 hours and then dispose of in your normal black bin. For more information, please visit https://www.hwfire.org.uk/safety-and-advice/safe-disposal-of-fireworks/.

Send a copy off your photos to info@electrifygroup.co.uk and we can take a look to see if there was any reason for the error.

All that will be left are the cardboard outers and the tubes.

These can be disposed of with your normal household waste.