Single ignition fireworks (otherwise known as single fuse, display in a box, single light fireworks) are a box of fireworks that fires multiple fireworks from lighting a single fuse. Perfect if you want to make an impact with minimum setup, our single ignition fireworks can create a perfectly choreographed display with no fuss.

With prices ranging from £59 to £140, we have something for everyone. Choose from a range of boxes with a varying number of shots, long or short durations, a choice of calibres and different firing patterns. The choice is endless!

Sending an array of lights and colours into the sky, you can rest assured that everyone at your event will be amazed by our single fuse fireworks. Diverse colours and fascinating sounds will make for an unbelievable display, whether you are at home or organise a larger display for a wedding, birthday or other event.

We only stock the best firework brands – including Celtic, Hallmark and Jonathans Fireworks.

Buy cheap single ignition fireworks online now! Free Delivery on orders over £300 to selected postcodes. Click here for more info.

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