COVID-19 has stopped many things, from annual holidays to Birthday celebrations, leaving millions of people in a feeling of sorrow and dispiritedness. However, it doesn’t have to stop the British tradition of Bonfire Night. Here are our ideas, on how you can have a COVID safe Bonfire Night, at home!


Now more than ever, community is the most important thing and what’s a better way of bringing people together, than a firework display the whole street can enjoy. Club together with your neighbours and all put money together to put on your very own streets, fireworks display! If you have a communal space, such as a shared garden, that is a perfect area to have a gorgeous firework display from. However, if you don’t have such a thing at your disposal, your garden, or a neighbour’s, is perfect! You only need one designated firer, so there is no need for households mixing. The whole street can stand in their front doors, or gardens and take delight in a thrilling fireworks extravaganza, without breaking any rules.


Now, this sounds expensive, getting a whole street fireworks but it can actually be affordable for everybody involved. Get the whole street to put some money towards it. It only has to be a small amount, £5-£10 per household is a reasonable cost. For example, a group of 8 households giving £5 each will give you a budget of £40. With this, you could buy loads of fantastic products from our website, such as Hallmark’s Gunpowder Selection Box (priced at just £34.99) and some of our gorgeous roman candles (priced as low as £2!)

We recommend our display bundles, which are a selection of some of our favourite fireworks in one, unique pack. Starting at just £75, these are a great value and have something in for everyone! There are a range of selections available, catered to every need. From our low noise display bundles, such as the bestselling Whisper, to our loud bundles, such as the staff favourite, The Sonic Boom. We even have a range of bundles with a mixed selection, for those who just can’t choose, such as The Dark Knight!


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You don’t even need to collect! We do delivery to certain postcodes, so you can recieve your order, stress free. If you spend £100, delivery is just £14 and if you spend £200, it is absolutely free!

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As you can see, Bonfire Night 2020 is as easy to enjoy as every other year, just in a different way! Our display packs, delivery and collection options as well as our awesome Bonfire Night sales ensure you can enjoy your celebrations without the added stress.

We should all remember the 5th of November, to give us something to look forward to in these miserable times.