Want an at home fireworks display this year?

Not sure on which fireworks you should choose from our fantastic selection?

Hopefully these reviews from some of our professional firers will help you with your choice.

Have you ever wanted to put on your own display similar to what our own professionals do?  Ok so let’s be realistic here, obviously you won’t be able to use some of our bigger professional fireworks on your back garden but did you know that quite often some of the products that we sell to the public are often used in some of our professional displays? For the one simple reason that they are that good.

Here at Electrify we understand that there is so much choice that it is often difficult to know what fireworks to purchase. So let’s do what the professionals do.

How to arrange your home firework display:

Before choosing your fireworks it is a good idea to have a good look at the area where you are planning to fire your display. You should also plan where your spectators are going to stand. Is the area wide enough to set out your fireworks safely in two or possibly three rows? If so can you call upon the help of a friend to help you set them off?

Most professional displays are set out in three main rows i.e. left, right and centre and fireworks are distributed within these three rows according to their size and effects.  If your garden / land isn’t big enough for three rows then consider two rows of fireworks spaced equally apart. It really doesn’t matter as we have plenty of choice that can be used in a central area.

What fireworks should you use to start your display?

Likewise most professional displays start off with some sort of show starter (an initial firework that grabs the audience’s attention) before moving into the main display itself and building up to a grand finale.  So based on the above let’s take a look at some of the fireworks we have on offer.

Most of the fireworks we sell come either as cakes (not a Victoria Sponge), by this we mean a single ignition multi-shot firework or as candles (similar to a cake in that they are multi-shot but these are all contained in one single tube).  We also sell a great range of rockets which are always popular especially at bonfire night.

Consider starting off your display with something like one of the Miners Revenge  or  Twisty Bangers. These cakes literally fire all shots at once which grabs your audience’s attention right from the start.  Very impressive fireworks which can also be used as a finale (or double the impact if you can space two of them apart and fire simultaneously).  You will certainly not be sorry for including any of these in your display.

Which fireworks should you use for the main part?

For the main event, consider using some of our 16 shot cakes such as Flash Harry, Magneto Burst or Happy Shepherd. All of these can be used on their own i.e. in the centre of a display, or used as a pair on the outer rows for some real impact.  If you have a bigger garden then why not upgrade to some of our bigger calibre cakes, such as the 19 shot Neon Boom, the Ooh Aah or even the impressive Fusion Trail.  The height that these bad boys can get to is absolutely awesome to say the least.

If your budget and garden space allows, consider interspersing your display with some of our bigger, specialised cakes such as the ‘W’ fan shaped cakes: These are designed to fire projectiles in a ‘W’ shape or fan shape, thus filling the sky with colour and sound. Highly recommended are Jelly Beams, Magnificent Seven  or the Stealth Rising which is absolutely superb.  Also consider the 110 shot Fast and Furious  or the  Witches Tongue  both of which seem to go on forever and ever.

What fireworks should you use for the grand finale?

Finally, end your night with a bang and something that will get your friends and relations talking about right the way through till the following year.

Highly recommended is Slow then Go. This is another fantastic ‘W’ shaped fan cake which as its name suggests, start of slow then builds to a fantastic crescendo. You will not be disappointed with this one.

Alternatively and as budget allows consider upgrading to More Tea Vicar which unlike the name might suggests is certainly not for a quiet Sunday afternoon. Or try a firer favourite, the highly impressive Tardis. This firework just keeps on giving.

It’s worth knowing that some of our larger cakes can be fired purely on their own such as a New Year or Birthday celebration (subject of course to your garden being big enough to cope).

Finally, please make sure you stay safe and have a fantastic bonfire night.